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Personal Finance Topics:

  1. Money Management
  2. Credit
  3. College Savings
  4. Investing
  5. Retirement
  6. Financial Literacy
  7. Government
  8. Foundations, Institutes and Centers
  9. Professional and Trade Associations
  10. Calculators and Websites

1. Money Management

Consumer Reports
Evaluates and rates more than 3000 products.

Money 101 (Money Magazine)
Includes a 23-lesson personal finance course from the writers at Money magazine. Users can read the entire course or choose lessons of interest. Topics include: making a budget, basics of banking and saving, basics of investing, investing in stocks, investing in mutual funds, investing in bonds, buying a home, controlling debt, saving for college, kids and money, asset allocation, and taxes.

Includes daily financial updates and stock quotes and feature articles on financial topics such as insurance, credit, income taxes, and college and retirement planning.

Rutgers Cooperative Extension Money and Investing
Includes dozens of downloadable personal finance publications, online presentations, self-assessment quizzes, conference summaries, federal marginal tax rate tables, and other financial education resources for consumers. The interactive Rutgers Cooperative Extension Financial Fitness Quiz can be found at

Smart About Money (National Endowment for Financial Education)
Contains financial information organized around major life events, interactive self-assessment quizzes, and links to a comprehensive resource center of financial education materials.

Women's Institute for Financial Education (WIFE)
Includes reviews of personal finance books, feature articles on personal finance topics, online video clips, and archived WIFE e-newsletters, all designed to improve the financial expertise of women.

2. Credit

Annual Credit Report
Provides a free credit report from the three major credit bureaus- Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion- according to federal law. This centralized Website allows consumers to request a free report once a year. There is also information available to request a free annual credit report by telephone or mail.

Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies
Includes information about credit-related topics and information about how to find a non-profit credit-counseling agency in a particular geographic region.

National Foundation for Consumer Counseling
Includes information about credit-related topics and information about how to find a non-profit credit-counseling agency in a particular geographic region.

PowerPay© "Debt Reduction Analysis" (Utah State University Cooperative Extension)
Provides a debt reduction calendar and estimated time and cost savings for users who continue to pay the same amount to creditors monthly. When a creditor is repaid, the monthly payment previously paid is added to payments due to remaining creditors. Users input personal data (e.g., name of creditors, outstanding balance, monthly payment, interest rate) for an analysis and debt repayment schedule.

3. College Savings

College Savings Plan
Provides information about state-run 529 college savings plans.

4. Investing

Investment Company Institute
Provides information about mutual fund investing from the industry's trade association.

Investing For Your Future (Cooperative Extension System basic investing home study course)
Includes 11 units on investment topics, a study guide, monthly investment messages, and links.

National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC)
Provides information about investing in stock and resource materials for investment clubs.

5. Retirement

America Saves
Provides information about savings topics such as finding money to save, building wealth through homeownership, and compound interest. Information is also provided about U.S. savings campaigns.

American Savings Education Council/ Choose to Save Partnership (Click on "Savings Tools")
Includes downloadable publications and interactive online tools such as the Ballpark Estimate retirement savings calculation worksheet, the Retirement Personality Profiler, and financial planning calculators.

Financial Security in Later Life (Cooperative Extension System) (Click on "Tools for Consumers")
Includes links to a variety of online financial education resources with a focus on planning for retirement and long-term care.

Guidebook to Help Late Savers Prepare for Retirement
Provides a downloadable 51-page booklet that describes over a dozen catch-up strategies for middle-aged late savers who are trying to make up for lost time.

Planning For a Secure Retirement (Purdue University Cooperative Extension)
Contains a distance learning course on wealth accumulation and retirement planning that consists of ten lessons and dozens of interactive links to calculators (e.g., for life expectancy) and other resources.

Retirement Personality Profiler (American Savings Education Council)
Contains an interactive self-assessment quiz that classifies users into one of five distinct retirement planning personalities (e.g., savers, and deniers). Based on this information, users can better understand their financial decision-making style and identify workable strategies to improve their financial security.

Save For Your Future or
Includes publications, posters, and online calculators from a 2003 national campaign to promote retirement savings.

6. Financial Literacy

InCharge Education Foundation COPET Scale (InCharge Education Foundation)
The valid and reliable InCharge COPE Scale is the same of the PFEEF Personal Financial Wellness Scale™.

Personal Financial Wellness Scale™ (Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation)
The normed and validated PFEEF Personal Financial Wellness Scale™ provides a mechanism to assess one’s level of current financial distress.

Rutgers Cooperative Extension Financial Fitness Quiz
The interactive Rutgers Cooperative Extension Financial Fitness Quiz provides a mechanism for how well a person manages their money.

7. Government

Federal Citizen Information Center
Provides an online source of federal government publications, including both health and personal finance topics.

Federal Trade Commission
One of the FTC's main activities is to prevent fraud, deception, and unfair practices in the marketplace.

Financial Literacy and Education Commission
Contains financial information in English and Spanish from a variety of federal government agencies on personal finance topics. Users can download these publications from links provided and can also order a free My Money Toolkit, sent via U.S. mail.

Social Security Administration
Includes online calculators, contact information, and publications about Social Security.

U.S. Savings Bonds
Provides information about how to purchase U.S. savings bonds and current rates of return.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Includes links to investment publications and online assistance with investing and investment fraud questions. Scale.

8. Foundations, Institutes and Centers

Institute of Consumer Financial Education
Includes information on credit, debt, and other financial topics, as well as an online bookstore.

National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)
Contains information about NEFE financial education programs and publications for youth and adults.

9. Professional and Trade Associations

Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Profit Sharing/401k Council of America

10. Calculators and Websites

Click here for more than 150 websites.


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